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Supportive Services


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Supportive Services

Senior Services
Provides on-site information, advocacy and referral to the senior & disabled residents of Palo Verde Gardens (Fri), Espinoza Terrace (Tue & Thu), and Schaffer Heights (Mon & Wed). Harry Levy Gardens, (Mon. through Fri), Sartini Plaza, (Mon. through Fri), James Down Towers (Mon. through Fri.), Robert Gordon Mon. through Fri.). For more information on location and contact information Click here.

Family Self-Sufficiency

What is the Family Self-Sufficiency Program?

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is a voluntary work-based program designed to assist families in becoming economically independent and self-sufficient. With the support of local agencies, FSS combines case management, education, job training, and ongoing support to aid the family in making positive changes in their lives.

What does the Family Self-Sufficiency Program do?

The FSS program helps families establish goals and identify barriers which could prevent achievement of those goals. The program will provide resources and services necessary for success and develop a plan with specific activities and actions needed to achieve goals. The program provides case management services, encouragement, motivation, and moral support to help families achieve their goals.

What resources and services are available through the FSS Program?

In collaboration with local agencies and service providers, the FSS Program attempts to address a wide variety of family issues including but not limited to: career counseling, job training, education (high school diploma, GED, college), financial planning and budgeting, legal services, individual and family counseling, parenting skills, and home buyer education.

What are the benefits of participating in FSS Program?

Families who participate in the FSS program have the opportunity to obtain resources and services to make positive changes in their lives. They have an opportunity to receive an escrow check upon successful achievement of their goals and completion of the Contract of Participation. The FSS program provides families with homeownership opportunities.

Who Can Participate in Family Self-Sufficiency Program?

Individuals, 18 years of age or older, currently residing in a Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority Public Housing development who are determined to make positive life changes are eligible to participate in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program.

Call 702-477-3100 to learn how to become a FSS Participant?


We provide a 6 day Career Training Class to assist residents to become job-ready in today’s competitive job market. The Career Training class is available to all residents of the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority and to the community. Topics include:

  • Skills Assessment & Job Surveys
  • Time Management & Prioritizing Tasks
  • Job Search & Application How-tos
  • Writing Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Online Job Searching & Applications
  • Employee Rights & Responsibilities
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • And Much, Much More

Click here for Interest forms.


SNRHA has received funding from NV workforce connections to develop and
maintain an employment case management program that allows for
individualized support of employment goals. The program is designed to
address barriers to employment and services available include:

  • Resume critique
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Assessments and Counseling
  • Supportive Services for Job Search and Employment-Related Activities
  • Assistance in Paying for Basic Items Required for Work
  • Job Search and Job Placement Assistance
  • On-the-job Training, Work Experience & Internships
  • Tuition Assistance for Vocational Training. Residents interested in this program must first complete the Career Training Class. Residents are invited to enroll in this program at the end of their Career Training Class.


The United States Congress mandates the Section 3 Policy. Section 3 of the Housing Act of 1968, as amended (12 U.S.C. 1701 u) (Section 3) requires the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority (SNRHA) to provide employment, training and contracting opportunities to low income and low skilled persons, particularly to individuals who are recipients of government housing. SNRHA has both a job bank to maintain a ready list of residents interested in various employment opportunities and also a Training Fund application wait list for residents to access training of their choice.

Residents can apply to be on the Section 3 job bank by clicking here. Please call (702) 922-7204 for more information.

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